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Research Series 75: Reverse thinking: taking a healthy diet perspective towards food systems transformations

May 2022
This paper argues that food systems transformation should incorporate a dietary perspective that is guided by information on diets, dietary trends, consumer motives, and the food environment characteristics.

Research Series 74: Women’s empowerment, food systems, and nutrition

May 2022
This background paper examines the linkages and interactions between women’s empowerment, food systems, and nutrition.

Research Series 73: Food systems and rural wellbeing: challenges and opportunities

May 2022
This paper provides a framework for assessing the dynamics of rural wellbeing and food systems change.

IFAD’s response to the impacts of the war in Ukraine: A Crisis Response Initiative (CRI)

May 2022
This brief lays out the key elements of IFAD’s response to the global impacts of the war in Ukraine. Our goal is to protect the development gains and livelihoods of poor rural people, while reinforcing their resilience, focusing on the poorest and most affected countries.

SAFIN Annual Progress Report 2021

May 2022
Greening our food systems to deliver healthier and more nutritious food sustainably cannot be done without financially empowered agricultural small and medium-sized enterprises (agri-SMEs).

Multiple roles of farmers’ and producers’ organizations in responding to the Covid-19 crisis

May 2022
Faced with a triple health, economic, and social crisis during the COVID-19 pandemic, Farmers’ Organizations (FOs) have been called on by members and partners to play a variety of roles in response to the crisis.

Research Series 72: Climate change and food system activities - a review of emission trends, climate impacts and the effects of dietary change

May 2022
This article reviews how food system activities contribute to climate change and how dietary changes affect food systems. It shows that while emissions from food production are increasing in most regions, emissions from land use change are decreasing.

Research Series 71: Urbanizing food systems: exploring opportunities for rural transformation

May 2022
This paper shows that while anticipated increases in food demand by 2050 can largely be met regionally, potential yield increases or diversification will not contribute automatically to inclusive rural transformation. Instead, urbanization may potentially increase rural inequality and poverty.  

Research Series 70: Do not transform food systems on the backs of the rural poor

May 2022
Although the importance of inclusion in food system transformation is gaining traction, this paper argues that recent research and discourse on the topic is insufficient and that specific actions are needed to ensure that this transformation does not take place on the backs of the rural poor.

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