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Cambodia in focus

January 2023
This photobook presents an overview of IFAD’s portfolio in Cambodia.

Regional Overview of Food Security and Nutrition in Latin America and the Caribbean 2022

January 2023
This publication presents: data on the cost of healthy diets in Latin America and the Caribbean; an agrifood system approach to repurpose and implement policies; and examples of effective policies.

China-IFAD South-South and Triangular Cooperation Facility: Annual Progress Report 2021

January 2023
This fourth progress report highlights the achievements of the Facility in 2021.

PIRAS Country Update: Kiribati

December 2022
PIRAS supports COVID-19 food system and economic recovery. In Kiribati, PIRAS tackles water scarcity and food security for vulnerable rural farming households.  

Global Biodiversity Framework: A New Deal for Nature

December 2022
IFAD was present at the COP15 conference in Montreal, where it supported the summit’s promising outcome: a once-in-a-decade agreement to protect wetlands, rainforests, grasslands, and coral reefs by 2030.

Effectiveness of Life Skills Training Interventions for the Empowerment of Women in Developing Countries: A Systematic Review

December 2022
This systematic review evaluates the effectiveness of life skills training programmes for empowering women in developing countries.

Interventions for Women's Empowerment in Developing Countries: An Evidence Gap Map

December 2022
This evidence gap map (EGM) visualises the areas in which most research on effective interventions for women’s empowerment is concentrated—and where there are gaps.

Effectiveness of life skills interventions for the empowerment of women in developing countries: Protocol for a Systematic Review

December 2022
This protocol for the systematic review details the methods used in the meta-analysis.

Evidence Review on the Effectiveness of Interventions Promoting Women's Empowerment in Developing Countries: Approach Paper

December 2022
This approach paper describes the strategy for data collection and analysis and the contours of the evidence gap map and systematic review.

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