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Agriculture’s Indigenous trailblazers – Episode 57

© Conrad Perez 

Over 80 per cent of our planet's biodiversity is found on the territories of Indigenous Peoples, who have been farming for generations while caring for forests, deserts, grasslands and oceans. By growing food sustainably, they are leading the way on transforming food systems. 

On this episode, Indigenous leaders from Nepal, Mexico and Kenya weigh in on what it means to protect the planet while preserving their cultures, and fighting for the right to land, nutrition and education.  

Our mini-series on gender-based violence also continues, with IFAD gender and nutrition expert Jannatul Niam bringing us insights from Bangladesh. 

Our Global Donor Platform for Rural Development series also continues as we interview Andrea Zinn of Aceli Americas and Aceli Africa. Meanwhile, IFAD's gender and nutrition expert Jannatul Niam brings us insights on gender-based violence from Bangladesh.

On this episode 

  • Brijlal Chaudhari, Founder and President of Global Home for Indigenous Peoples, Tharu community (Nepal)  
  • Tania Martínez, Research Associate at Free University of Brussels, Ayuuk community (Mexico)  
  • Margaret Tunda, Indigenous leader and advocate, Maasai community (Kenya)  
  • Jannatul Naim, Gender and Nutrition Expert for IFAD Char Development and Settlement Project, Bangladesh   
  • Andrea Zinn, Director of the Council on Smallholder Agricultural Finance and Senior Manager, Aceli Americas and Aceli Africa  

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