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Putting our money where our mouth is – Episode 39

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First up, we’d like to introduce you to IFAD’s new President, Alvaro Lario, who tells us about his plans for the agency. Then, the Associate Vice-President of the External Relations and Governance Department, Satu Santala, gives us an overview of the upcoming funding cycle and an insight into the Global Donor Platform for Rural Development. We revisit conversations we conducted earlier this year with donors to hear about the issues that matter the most to them. We also talk to a gender expert about the impact of violence against women at the community level and how we can address this pressing issue. Wrapping up the episode is the third installment of our Bangladesh series with Qasa Alom.

Episode Contents

Alvaro Lario, heading into 2023

IFAD President, Alvaro Lario

IFAD President, Alvaro Lario, addresses pressing issues and future challenges, from smallholders on the frontlines of climate change to the costs of living. You can read President Lario’s blog here: Making change happen now: my commitment as IFAD President.

Satu Santala on the Global Donor Platform for Rural Development

Associate Vice-President of the External Relations and Governance Department Satu Santala

Satu Santala tells us about the Global Donor Platform for Rural Development, a network of 40 donors working to reduce poverty through agriculture and rural development.

Maurizio Navarra on the Platform’s management unit

Maurizio Navarra, Secretariat Coordinator at the Global Donor Platform for Rural Development

Maurizio Navarra is the Secretariat Coordinator at the Global Donor Platform for Rural Development. He gives us further insight into the Platform and its management unit.

Tristan Armstrong, the view from Australia

Tristan Armstrong

Tristan Armstrong is a Senior Sector Specialist of Agricultural Development and Food Security at Australia’s Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade and a Co-Chair of the Global Donor Platform for Rural Development. He gives us a different perspective on the network.

A European take, with William Olthof and Conrad Rein

William Olthof and Conrad Rein

The European Commission is a member of the Platform. Policy Officer Conrad Rein and Directorate-General for International Partnerships Willem Olthof explain why good coordination makes for a stronger and more efficient organization.

From the non-profit world, Carin Smaller and Ammad Bahalim

Carin Smaller and Ammad Bahalim

Carin Smaller is a co-founder of Ceres2030 and the Executive Director of the Shamba Centre for Food and Climate. Ammad Bahalim is the Senior Program Officer at the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation Agricultural Development. They offer their insights into how we can address poverty and hunger from a non-profit perspective.

Linda Mayoux on the importance of gender equality

Dr Linda Mayoux with colleagues

Doctor Linda Mayoux has played a key role in sustaining IFAD’s Gender Action Learning System – a methodology that helps realize gender-transformative results in the agency’s operations. She explains why gender equality is key to improving society as a whole.

Qasa Alom with the latest from Bangladesh

IFAD works with the government in Bangladesh to address many of its climate and poverty issues. Our on-the-ground reporter, Qasa Alom, shares updates on his media channel: YouTube Channel QasaVision

Summing up

Many thanks to Francesco Manetti, our contributors, and everyone else who’s worked on this program. Your hosts for this episode have been Allison Lecce and Michelle Tang.

A heartfelt thanks to you, our listeners of Farms Food Future. This podcast is brought to you by the International Fund for Agricultural Development. You can find out more about the topics covered at www.ifad.org/podcasts. Please give us your thoughts on the stories we’ve covered so far and who you’d like us to speak with next. You can reach us at [email protected].

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