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19 NOV
We know climate change is transforming the context for rural development, changing physical and socio-economic landscapes and making smallholder development
08 June 2012
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11 NOV
From 16-22 March 2009, 20,000 participants from all over the world gathered in Istanbul, Turkey for the Fifth This edition of the forum focused on "Bridging
16 March 2009
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03 NOV
13 February 2008 Inaugural ceremony Screening of video – 30 years of IFAD's operations featuring interviews with the former Presidents and President Båge
13 February 2008
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28 OCT
How can research improve development impact? How do you connect with researchers? How do you figure out what research to use in your work—and how? Join
28 - 29 October 2014
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26 AUG
As the world belatedly turns its attention to the pressing issues of environmental degradation, resource scarcity and climate change, the concept of sustainability
22 February 2012
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11 JUN
On 19 February 2014 at 10.00 a.m. you may follow via a high-level panel on "Spotlight on the International Year of Family Farming". To celebrate the ,
19 February 2014
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