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IFAD provides US$31.9 million loan to China to help reduce poverty in the Dabieshan area

Press release No.: IFAD/11/09 Rome, 19 February 2009 – China has an impressive record of strong and sustained economic growth and has experienced an unprecedented

IFAD provides US$15.0 million grant to the Lao People’s Democratic Republic to enhance productivity and support sustainable natural resource management

Press release No.: IFAD/10/09 Rome, 18 February 2009 – Agricultural productivity is low in the Lao People's Democratic Republic by the standards of the

IFAD President issues wake-up call

Press release No.: IFAD/09/09 Smallholder farmers hold key to food security Rome, 18 February 2009 – The President of IFAD, Lennart Båge, issued a wake-up

165 States gather for IFAD Governing Council

Press release No.: IFAD/07/09 In tough economic times, IFAD "a crucial ally of smallholder farmers", says Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon Rome, 18 February

IFAD provides US$21 million loan to Viet Nam to support agroforestry

Press release No.: IFAD/06/09 Rome, 16 February 2009 – A US$21 million loan from IFAD to the Socialist Republic of Viet Nam will contribute to sustainable

US$23.33 million IFAD grant for rural rehabilitation programme in Democratic Republic of the Congo

Press release No.: IFAD/04/09 Rome, 6 February 2009 - A US$23.33 million grant from IFAD to the Democratic Republic of the Congo for the integrated rural

Le FIDA accorde un don d'un montant de 23,33 millions d'USD à la République démocratique du Congo pour un programme de réhabilitation de l'agriculture

Communiqué de presse : IFAD/04/09 Rome, 6 février 2009 - Le FIDA accordera un don d'un montant de 23,33 millions d'USD à la République démocratique du

New US$13.5 million IFAD grant to bolster food security and incomes among the Sudan’s Southern rural poor

Press release No.: IFAD/03/09 Rome, 5 February 2009 – A new project in The Sudan financed by IFAD will help 38,000 of the poorest and most vulnerable households

US$12.3 million IFAD grant to Tajikistan for Khatlon livelihoods support project

Press release No.: IFAD/02/09 Rome, 27 January 2009 - A US$12.3 million grant from IFAD to the Republic of Tajikistan for the Khatlon Livelihoods Support

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