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09 MAY

Appel à propositions: Programme mondial pour les petits producteurs agroécologiques et la transformation durable des systèmes alimentaires (GP-SAEP) – Madagascar

Languages: French
08 MAY

New IFAD initiative will help reduce global warming by lowering methane emissions from small-scale farming

Languages: Arabic, English, Spanish, French
08 MAY

Ethiopian farmers set to benefit from climate-smart initiatives

Languages: English
05 MAY

El FIDA promueve la inversión en negocios agrarios rurales de América Latina y el Caribe para asegurar el suministro mundial de alimentos

Languages: Spanish
02 MAY

IFAD President and President of Kenya agree to accelerate agriculture and adapt to climate crisis

Languages: English
25 APR

Urgent investment in rural areas is needed to safeguard global food security says UN’s IFAD

Languages: Arabic, English, Spanish, French
20 APR

Japan and UN’s IFAD boost global food security by connecting small-scale producers to the private sector

Languages: Arabic, English, Spanish, French, Japanese
19 APR

IFAD at the Perugia International Journalism Festival

Languages: English, Italian

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