Farm Reconstruction Project – Re-stocking Activities

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Farm Reconstruction Project - Re-stocking Activities

Farm Reconstruction Project – Re-stocking Activities

In the aftermath of war, smallholder farmers and their families faced a devastating situation. Many of their assets were destroyed and they were struggling to survive. This was the first project under the Reconstruction and Rehabilitation Programme for Agriculture and Rural Areas, formulated by the government and the international donor community as part of an effort to repair and restock farms and restore infrastructure. The objective of the project was to give a rapid boost to agricultural production, improve food security and provide employment opportunities for those returning to rural areas. Project activities included restocking livestock and farm machinery and strengthening animal health services. Priority was given to refugees returning home and to farming households that had suffered substantial damage to their farms.

Source: IFAD

Status: Closed
Bosnia and Herzegovina
Approval Date
17 April 1996
1996 - 1997
Rural Development
Total Project Cost
US$ 50.9 million
IFAD Financing
US$ 7.33 million
Co-financiers (International)
Saudi Arabia US$ 1 million
European Union US$ 5.21 million
World Bank: International Development Association US$ 19.99 million
Germany US$ 2.21 million
Financing Gap
US$ 14.26 million
Financing terms
Highly Concessional
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