Smallholder Agribusiness Partnerships Programme

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Smallholder Agribusiness Partnerships Programme

This programme aims to sustainably raise the incomes and and improve the quality of diet of 57,500 smallholder households by expanding livelihood and business opportunities in the agriculture sector. It will provide a platform for smallholder farmers, particularly women and young people, to access financing and business training and will help them to form partnerships with each other and with the private sector.

Developing the agribusiness value chain – which encompasses agricultural production, processing, distribution and marketing – will help smallholder farmers increase their incomes and will improve employment opportunities and household nutrition in the programme areas.

The programme will build on lessons learned and the experiences of past and ongoing IFAD-financed programmes, including the 4P models developed under NADeP. Further emphasis will be given to more farmer-led business proposals. The total cost of the programme is US$111.2 million, of which $40 million will be financed by an IFAD loan.

Status: Ongoing
Sri Lanka
Approval Date
10 April 2017
2017 - 2025
Rural Development
Total Project Cost
US$ 105.04 million
IFAD Financing
US$ 54.4 million
Co-financiers (Domestic)
Domestic Financing Institutions US$ 9.82 million
National Government US$ 19.36 million
Beneficiaries US$ 4.49 million
Private sector local US$ 16.97 million
Financing terms
Project ID
Project Contact
Sherina Tabassum

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Project design reports

Sri Lanka SAPP final design report Region: Asia and the Pacific

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Final environmental and social management framework

Interim (mid-term) review report

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Recipes for Change: Sri Lanka - Polos Curry

March 2022 - STORY
In Sri Lanka, the climate crisis is causing rising temperatures, increasingly extreme weather events and variable precipitation patterns are harming agricultural productivity and food security. Through the Smallholder Agribusiness Partnership Programme, IFAD offers solutions for rural people, including promoting jackfruit among smallholder farmers because of its high value and resilience.

One small step: Empowering micro-, small and medium businesses across South Asia

July 2020 - STORY
It is something of a paradox that, while there is broad agreement that micro-, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) are an integral part of the economy in developing countries, they remain underserved.