Mainstreaming Ex-Ante Greenhouse Gas Accounting into Investments in Agriculture and their Economic and Financial Analysis

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Mainstreaming Ex-Ante Greenhouse Gas Accounting into Investments in Agriculture

The overall goal of the programme is to generate widely shared capacity on GHG appraisal in order to: (i) support developing countries in formulating agricultural strategies that focus on low-carbon agriculture; (ii) develop a strategy and action plan to ensure the systematic accounting of GHG capture in the AFOLU sector so that developing countries can benefit from future revision of the GHG emissions trading system protocol and its impact on their nationally determined contributions (NDCs); (iii) make available a roster of GHG expert consultants; and (iv) link GHG appraisal results with economic and financial analysis at project formulation.

The grant will target two distinct groups. The direct target group will be composed of institutional partners including IFAD country project management units,4 representatives of ministries of agriculture and environment, experts from United Nations agencies, MFIs, NGOs and other IFAD partners. This group needs access to information and knowledge in order to strengthen their capacity on GHG accounting and integrating agricultural climate mitigation within policies and programmes. The second group, indirect beneficiaries, includes rural households and communities, who will benefit from the support provided by this grant. This includes the implementation of innovative climate-smart projects and policies on rural development to reduce poverty and improve food security and climate resilience among rural households and communities.

Status: Ongoing
Approval Date
22 December 2018
Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations
2018 - 2023
Total Cost
US$ 1.54 million
IFAD Grant Amount
US$ 1.08 million
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