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  • 2018

  • 16 January : Cambodia and IFAD to discuss strategy to improve rural livelihoods in the country
  • 11 January : The link between poverty and migration top discussion between UN agency President and Pope Francis
  • 2017

  • 13 December : Madagascar signs a US$ 53 million financing agreement with IFAD to boost food and nutritional security and strengthen resilience to climate change in rural areas
  • 13 December : UN Initiative to boost resilience of women and youth in the Sahel through climate-smart agriculture launched at One Planet Summit
  • 12 December : New IFAD grant supports efforts to help indigenous peoples find their own development path
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  • Potatoes originated in the Andes and the area boasts more than 4000 different varieties. But across Bolivia, a changing climate has put this staple food in danger.