Enabling inclusive and sustainable rural transformation

Strategic Framework 2016 - 2025

Agenda 2030 offers clear evidence that IFAD’s mandate of investing in rural people and enabling inclusive and sustainable transformation of rural areas, notably through smallholder agriculture-led growth, is of absolute global relevance today and over the coming decade.

After several years of growth and reform, IFAD is recognized for its experience, knowledge and performance in this domain; it stands ready to achieve greater impact and it is well positioned to play a larger role in helping countries fulfil their priorities relative to Agenda 2030. For it to do so, it needs to work in a way that is bigger, better and smarter:

Bigger: by mobilizing substantially more funds and resources for investment in rural areas;

Better: by strengthening the quality of IFAD’s country programmes through innovation, knowledge-sharing, partnerships and policy engagement; and

Smarter: by delivering development results in a cost-effective way that best responds to partner countries’ evolving needs. 


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