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Landlocked between Russia and China, Mongolia is about four times the size of France but has only around 2.5 million inhabitants.

The economy is based on agriculture and breeding of livestock.

The famous Mongolian Ghengis Khan controlled a vast Empire in the 13th century that included much of China, Russia and Central Asia.

IFAD in Mongolia

IFAD targets the rural poor through the development of the livestock sector, since livestock forms the essential basis of livelihood for most Mongolians.

Nearly one half of the Mongolian labour force is employed in the agriculture sector, of which pastoral livestock generates 89% of output. The livestock sector still suffers from the consequences of the privatization of the collectives, which were converted to small groups owned by herdsmen or former administrators. These small herds allow only a simple life at the subsistence level, which is permanently threatened by the fragile condition of the rangeland, severe winters and endemic animal diseases.



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Arhangai Huvsgul