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Counting the cost of malnutrition - Episode 48

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Nutrition and malnutrition are the focus of our show this month. Ilaria Bianchi, IFAD’s Nutrition Expert Consultant, talks to us about the challenge of obesity. Our Lead Technical Specialist on Nutrition, Joyce Njoro, discusses how food inflation impacts diets. We then chat with IFAD’s Director for Food Systems Coordination Nadine Gbossa before joining Country Director Isabel De La Peña to discuss the nutritional challenges of Guyana’s indigenous communities. 

Next, Recipes for Change Chef Walter El-Nagar highlights the importance of healthy diets before we end with a visit to Kenya where IFAD’s Moses Abukari talks about the benefits of sorghum.



Episode content


Ilaria Bianchi on the challenge of obesity

Ilaria Bianchi

Ilaria Bianchi discusses how to source evidence and resources to help create food systems for sustainable, healthy diets. And how this, in turn, can help minimise diseases and illnesses linked to obesity, particularly in East and Southern Africa.


How does inflation impact diets? Joyce Njoro explains

Joyce Njoro, Lead Technical Specialist (Nutrition) at IFAD

Joyce Njoro explains what drives food inflation and how it impacts quality of life and nutritional standards for rural families and small-scale farmers in developing countries.


Nadine Gbossa on UNFSS findings and collective responsibility

Nadine Gbossa, Director for Food Systems Coordination at IFAD

IFAD’s Director for Food Systems Coordination Nadine Gbossa gives tells us about the findings of the Food Systems Summit Stocktaking Moment and considers the importance of political leadership, societal awareness and the need to collectively address our planet’s challenges.


Isabel De La Peña tells us about Guyana’s nutritional challenges

Isabel De La Peña, Country Director (Latin America and the Caribbean Division) at IFAD

Isabel De La Peña joins us from Latin America to talk about the indigenous communities in Guyana’s rural hinterland and the nutritional challenges they face.

Walter El-Nagar: A champion of healthy and sustainable diets

Chef Walter El-Nagar

Despite his successes, Chef Walter El-Nagar has remained a dedicated activist at heart. He tackles social and political issues and the need to continue promoting healthy and sustainable diets. Take a look at his non-profit, Mater Cucina Democratica.


The importance of sorghum, with Moses Abukari

Moses Abukari

Moses Abukari works on IFAD’s Kenya Cereal Enhancement Programme - Climate Resilient Agricultural Livelihoods Window (KCEP-CRAL). He helps us appreciate the importance of scaling up sorghum value chains for small-scale farmers in developing countries as well as its nutritional benefits.


Summing up

Thanks to our producer, Francesco Manetti, and our reporters, Nour Bona, Rosa Gonzalez. Your hosts are Brian Thomson and Michelle Tang.

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Next month we’re celebrating rural women and women leaders in agriculture.

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