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01 NOV

The 26th UN Climate Change Conference will take place from 1–12 November 2021.

01 - 12 November 2021
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27 OCT

Join IFAD, the Asian Development Bank, ENEL Green Power, FAO and UNDP and others for a dialogue about how tracking results and targeted impact investing can drive the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

27 October 2021
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22 OCT

Precision Farming is transforming the agriculture landscape by supporting farmers with optimal management of agriculture inputs based on site-specific requirements of farm fields and animals, enabling more effective and efficient use of natural, human, and financial resources.

22 October 2021
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19 OCT

Public Development Banks will convene for a second time to reiterate and reinforce their commitments in support of common actions for climate and sustainable development.

19 - 20 October 2021
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15 OCT

15 October is the International Day of Rural Women and, with these Gender Awards, IFAD wants to celebrate women and girls who play a crucial role and contribute to gender transformation and women's empowerment in rural areas.

15 October 2021
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