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UN’s IFAD goes to Ireland calling for increased funding to rural people in bid to curb global food insecurity

The President of IFAD arrives today in Ireland to advocate for greater investments in the small-scale farmers and food producers in developing countries who generate a third of the world’s food but are often most impacted by hunger and poverty.

Miles de familias rurales del VRAEM invirtieron 230 millones de soles junto al FIDA y el Gobierno de Perú para mejorar sus ingresos y fortalecer su capacidad agraria

Más de 50 000 familias rurales en situación de vulnerabilidad, han logrado mejorar sus medios de vida gracias a un proyecto ejecutado por MIDAGRI y que contó con el apoyo técnico y financiero del FIDA.

Spatial technology creates opportunities for vulnerable small-scale food producers as IFAD and ESA join forces

IFAD and the European Space Agency have stepped up their partnership to help vulnerable small-scale food producers increase their ability to grow food and adapt to climate change by using state-of-the-art spatial technology and data.

Food security and nutrition receive a boost in Mozambique

IFAD and the Government of Mozambique signed two grant agreements with a combined value of US$4.2 million.

Innovation matters, especially for small-scale farmers

IFAD applies the latest tools and technologies to support small-scale farmers. Here are six examples of innovations proven to work for rural communities all over the world.

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