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بناء عالم أفضل يبدأ بكم

تكمن قوة الصندوق في تنوع موظفينا والتزامهم بولايتنا.

ونحن نُقدِّر المهنيين الذين يتمتعون برؤية استراتيجية وقدرة مؤكدة على العمل ضمن أفرقة وتحقيق نتائج، ولديهم فهم عميق للتنمية الدولية والتزام قوي بها.

وبالإضافة إلى تهيئة بيئة عمل داعمة ومزدهرة، يوفر الصندوق لموظفيه فرص التطوير الوظيفي وحُزمة جذابة من المخصصات التي تشمل أجوراً وامتيازات تنافسية. وتشمل مجموعة الامتيازات بدل الإعالة، ومِنحة التعليم حتى مستوى التعليم الجامعي، وإجازة زيارة الوطن، والتأمين الطبي، والضمان الاجتماعي.

تصفح الوظائف أدناه وانضم إلينا اليوم في إحداث فارق.

قابل موظفينا

يعني العمل في الصندوق أن تكون جزءاً من منظمة قائمة على التعلم ومتنامية ومزدهرة، يُساهم فيها كل عضو من أعضاء فريقنا العالمي في المهمة الشاملة الهادفة إلى الاستثمار في السكان الريفيين. 

Saadia Imad, Chief Field Support

I have been working with IFAD since 2016 as the Chief of the Field Support Unit. This role is an important element of IFAD's operation in the field - we provide the logistics, the conduit and the means for IFAD to carry out its mandate and operations. Not only the administrative aspect  - we also provide the coverage to food security, which is essential considering that IFAD has a significant  presence in fragile states and conflicted regions in the world.
قراءة المزيد

Joseph Nganga, Programme Officer

I have worked as a Country Programme Officer since 2011, but before that I worked in IFAD-funded projects in Kenya. When I was recruited to work at IFAD I was overjoyed. Starting as a national officer and now participating at the international level has been great - blending hard facts with experience drawn from the field and spicing them up was quite a contribution.

قراءة المزيد

Seiko Yabumoto, Assistant

I've been at IFAD since 2006 initially as temporary staff and in 2007 I started working with the governing bodies office as an assistant. In 2011 I become Assistant to the Director & Treasurer. My roles at IFAD have been a great  way to be exposed to IFAD operations – all official documents pass through the Governing Bodies office and all the IFAD commitments and deliverables are recorded. That  was a great way to be thrown into IFAD's work. I have brought previous experience and knowledge with me from the private sector and the fashion industry. Everything that you learn, you never throw away. At IFAD I have been able to build on these experiences.



قراءة المزيد

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