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Upholding the highest standards of conduct

IFAD’s Ethics Office (ETH) promotes and works to ensure that the highest standards of ethical behaviour, integrity, transparency and respect are maintained at every level of the Fund’s work, based on IFAD's Code of Conduct and Core Values. It also protects IFAD's image and reputation assuring a consistent application of ethical principles.

Recognizing that staff are IFAD's most valuable asset, ETH is committed to maintaining a working environment that ensures well-being and respect for work-life balance.

ETH also fosters an organizational culture in which individuals fulfil their responsibilities while respecting the dignity of their colleagues.

Dealing promptly and confidentially with cases of harassment, and providing guidance on how to prevent and manage conflicts of interest and unethical behaviour in the workplace, are key to fulfilling this commitment.

The Ethics Office is independent of any official, department, office, or other organizational entity and reports administratively to the Vice-President. The Office promotes and upholds the highest standards of conduct and to this end, it is responsible for the following activities:

  • championing and overseeing the ethics and compliance function and managing the organization’s comprehensive ethics and anti-harassment awareness programme;
  • developing standards, training and education programmes on ethics issues;
  • providing guidance to management to ensure IFAD rules, policies, procedures and practices reinforce and promote the standards of integrity called for by the organization;
  • advising managers and staff on actions that may constitute a violation of IFAD’s Code of Conduct and Core Values;
  • managing the yearly annual Code of Conduct certification by staff;
  • managing the annual financial disclosure programme;
  • helping IFAD managers prevent misconduct or effectively address it when it occurs in order to protect the reputation of the organization;
  • developing protocols and guidelines on allegations of harassment and misconduct;
  • reviewing allegations of misconduct and/or harassment; including allegations of sexual harassment, sexual exploitation and abuse; and,
  • overseeing the assessment of organizational risk for misconduct and noncompliance to IFAD’s Code of Conduct and Core Values.  

To report misconduct

Hotline: +39-06-5459-2525

Please include information about how you can be reached for further details or clarifications.

ملفات ذات صلة

ملفات ذات صلة

IFAD’s Code of Conduct نوع: وثيقة قانونية
Guidelines to Prevent Harassment, Sexual Harassment and Discrimination at Events Hosted or Organized by IFAD نوع: القواعد الارشادية, السياسات والاستراتيجيات
IFAD policy to preventing and responding to sexual harassment, sexual exploitation and abuse نوع: السياسات والاستراتيجيات, السياسة
Sexual exploitation and abuse: there is no excuse! نوع: القواعد الارشادية

Ethics - Executive Board documents

Executive Board documents

Status and Updates on IFAD's Approach to Address the United Nations Strategy to Prevent and Respond to Sexual Harassment, Sexual Exploitation and Abuse:

2019 sessions: May | September | December
2018 sessions: April | September | December