Driving Delivery of Results in the Agriculture Sector

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Driving Delivery of Results in the Agriculture Sector

The overall goal of the programme is to further enhance citizen progress – especially that of rural citizens – towards achievement of relevant SDGs, in particular SDG1 (No poverty) and SDG2 (Zero hunger), in selected IFAD Member States, through improving efficacy in realizing selected critical government priorities in agriculture and related sectors in each country. The objective is to improve the institutional capacities in the centre of government and in the Ministry of Agriculture, to better enable achievement of results on country rural development strategies and programmes in selected beneficiary countries

The target group will be composed of senior officials of the Ministries of Agriculture and other implementing agencies in the five participating national governments in Africa.

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تاريخ الموافقة
13 سبتمبر 2018
Delivery Associates
2018 - 2022
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4.2 مليون دولار امريكي
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3.5 مليون دولار امريكي
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