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25 MAR

Liberia and IFAD partner to improve smallholder farmers’ incomes and climate resilience

Languages: Arabic, English, Spanish, French
20 MAR

South-South and Triangular Cooperation can deliver rural solutions, reduce poverty and hunger

Languages: Arabic, English, Spanish, French
19 MAR

El FIDA coordinará desde Panamá sus acciones a favor del desarrollo rural en Mesoamérica y el Caribe

Languages: Spanish
13 MAR

IFAD-financed projects contribute to improved agricultural productivity and incomes in Sri Lanka

Languages: English
11 MAR

Central African Republic and IFAD to promote smallholder farmers’ resilience to climate change

Languages: Arabic, English, Spanish, French
07 MAR

IFAD launches global campaign to close gender gap in agriculture and amplify the voices of rural women

Languages: Arabic, English, Spanish, French, Italian
04 MAR

Workshop to review evaluation outcomes of IFAD-supported operations in Sri Lanka as well as future development plans

Languages: English
04 MAR

Sierra Leone and IFAD to boost food security and incomes in rural areas

Languages: English, Spanish, French

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