Operational guidelines on IFAD’s engagement in pro-poor value chain development

يناير 2021
These guidelines address recommendations on ensuring that IFAD’s pro-poor value chain development projects reach out to women and the very poor, apply a programmatic approach when needed, promote an inclusive value chain governance, work with the appropriate expertise and partners, and build capacity for implementation.

Adaptation Framework Tool

يناير 2021
The Adaptation Framework is a repository of adaptation actions for small-scale agriculture, including livestock, forestry, and fisheries. It provides an approach for incorporating adaptation practices into project design.

Participatory Guarantee System case study report

أكتوبر 2020

In 2017, after several years of partnership between IFAD and Slow Food on themes related to food security, indigenous peoples and youth, IFAD approved a large grant project, called “Empowering Indigenous Youth and their Communities to Defend and Promote their Food Heritage,” to be implemented by Slow Food over three years.

How to prevent land use conflicts in pastoral areas

يوليو 2020
This How-to-do Note focuses on how conflicts over land and natural resources in pastoral areas can be prevented or transformed into positive outcomes. 

How to do note: Gender and pastoralism

يوليو 2020
This HTDN complements the IFAD Toolkit along with the 2018 HTDN on Pastoralism, which highlights the importance of gender in pastoral production systems.

PARM Final Report (2014-2019)

ديسمبر 2019
Read this final programme report for more information on the PARM processes and achievements in each country.

How to do note: Rapid livestock market assessment - A guide for practitioners

ديسمبر 2019
The RLMA guide seeks to facilitate livestock market assessments in order to support those operating in the livestock sector, such as multilateral financial institutions, international development organizations, governments, research organizations, NGOs, community-based organizations, service providers and input suppliers.

A manual in mobilizing migrant resources towards agricultural development in the Philippines

نوفمبر 2019
This manual discusses the strategy, lessons learned and recommendations of Atikha in scaling up initiatives in mobilizing migrant resources towards agriculture development in the country. 

How to do note: Mainstreaming nutrition into COSOPs and investment projects

أكتوبر 2019

This How-to-do Note is a practical step by step operational guidance on mainstreaming nutrition in IFAD-supported country strategies and investment projects for use by IFAD staff, consultants and partners.

دعم الزراعة الحساسة للتغذية من خلال الأنواع المهملة وغير المستغلة: الإطار التشغيلي

أغسطس 2019
التنوع الحيوي الزراعي هو مورد يدعم الرفاهية البشرية والبيئية. دعم الصندوق لتحسين استخدام التنوع البيولوجي الزراعي مع الإشارة بشكل خاص إلى الأنواع المهملة وغير المستغلة بشكل كاف.

PARM Annual Progress Report 2018

يوليو 2019
Since 2013, PARM has collaborated with partners across eight sub-Saharan African countries in a joint process to make agricultural risk management (ARM) an integral part of policy planning. The process led to the implementation of a number of activities at the country, regional and global level including risk assessments, feasibility studies, capacity development training, knowledge sharing and policy dialogue. This report presents these outcomes and achievements from these activities for the year 2018 looking back to the commencement of the process.

Guidelines for Impact Evaluation of Land Tenure and Governance Interventions

أبريل 2019
The overall objective of the Guidelines for Impact Evaluation of Land Tenure and Governance Interventions is to inform and strengthen the design and implementation of future land tenure and governance interventions to best support lasting tenure security and achieve related impacts on poverty, food security, gender equality, environmental sustainability and security. 

أداة تقييم التكيف مع التغير المناخي في التنمية الريفية

مارس 2019
إن أداة تقييم التكيف مع التغير المناخي في التنمية الريفية هي عبارة عن منصة لاستكشاف آثار تغير المناخ على غلة المحاصيل الرئيسية 

Guidebook for mobilizing inclusive remittances for rural investment

فبراير 2019
This Guidebook compiles the lessons learned from the implementation of the IFAD-funded Remittances and Diaspora Investment for Rural Development (2014-2018).

سلاسل القيمة المراعية للتغذية: دليل تصميم المشروعات - المجلد الثاني

نوفمبر 2018
يُقدِّم هذا الدليل إرشادات تم التحقق من سلامتها من أجل تصميم مشروعات سلاسل القيمة المراعية للتغذية لصالح المزارعين أصحاب الحيازات الصغيرة. ويتألف الدليل من مجلدين.