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IFAD at COP: Raising the voices of rural people

November 2023 - BLOG
Follow IFAD's journey at COP28, as we showcase efforts towards sustainable agriculture, climate resilience and food security, and raise the voices of rural people all over the world.  

Investing in a better future: Near East, North Africa, Europe and Central Asia

November 2023 - BLOG
The Near East, North Africa, Europe and Central Asia is a dynamic region faced with many challenges. We caught up with Regional Director Dina Saleh to find out how rural people are coping with the realities of conflict and climate change and to understand why the right investments now can make all the difference later.

Investing in a better future: West and Central Africa

October 2023 - BLOG
West and Central Africa is as intricate as it is vast. We sat down with Regional Director, Bernard Mwinyel Hien, to better understand the region’s strengths and challenges.

Everyone deserves a chance to prosper

October 2023 - BLOG
Rural people in Nigeria face unimaginable challenges. Find out how farmer-focused social enterprise Babban Gona and IFAD have joined forces to support those who are most in need.

Learning from El Niño

September 2023 - BLOG
El Niño is back, and its effects are expected to have dire consequences for rural people. Oliver Page explains why we must do more to create a resilient, sustainable future in the face of this devastating climate phenomenon.

North Africa is struggling to cope. The terrible events of this week will become all too familiar unless we invest in resilience

September 2023 - BLOG
IFAD’s Regional Director for the NEN region, Dina Saleh, reacts to the disastrous events that have occurred in the region this week.

The road to a greener future

September 2023 - BLOG
Roads may sometimes be taken for granted. But for remote rural communities, they can be life changing. Find out how integrating roads and water management can lead to sustainable economic growth.

Investing in a better future: Asia and the Pacific

September 2023 - BLOG
The Asia Pacific region is one of dizzying contrasts and incredible scale. We caught up with Regional Director, Reehana Rifat Raza, to find out the challenges faced by rural people in this dynamic region and how investment can make all the difference for their futures.

Investing in a better future: East and Southern Africa

September 2023 - BLOG
East and Southern Africa is home to a diversity of landscapes, people and challenges. We sat down with Regional Director Sara Mbago-Bhunu to talk about rural life and the importance of investment.

Africa is in the eye of the climate change storm. Here is what its people are calling for

August 2023 - BLOG
It’s time countries step up their investments and secure a climate-resilient future for small-scale farmers in Africa. Here’s how.

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