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Enhancing policy dialogue on climate finance in Africa

August 2019 - BLOG

Smallholder farmers play a vital role in food security, nutrition and economic growth in Africa, but their livelihoods are already threatened by climate change.

Measuring youth participation in agriculture in Tanzania and Malawi

August 2019 - BLOG

In our recent IFAD Research Series study we looked at the dynamics of employment in agriculture in Tanzania and Malawi. 

The challenges of conducting impact assessments of community driven development projects

July 2019 - BLOG
How can we measure the impact of project interventions on the people and communities participating?

Creating opportunities for rural youth

July 2019 - BLOG
Nearly 1 billion youth live in developing countries, almost half of them in rural areas. IFAD’s Rural Development Report 2019, finds that this enormous rural youth population can pay a rich dividend.

High unemployment rates among rural youth are destabilizing the Near East and North Africa region

July 2019 - BLOG
When economic opportunities are limited, programs and policies to help rural youth will generally be ineffective. 

Gender-Transformative Adaptation. From good practice to better policy

July 2019 - BLOG
Gender inequality is a pervasive threat to sustainable development and has negative impacts on our collective ability to meet human rights obligations.

How old is the average farmer in today's developing world?

July 2019 - BLOG
As it turns out the short answer to this question is about 34 and not 60 as is often reported.

How to improve impact evaluations of land tenure interventions in IFAD-supported projects

June 2019 - BLOG
The inclusion of land tenure-related indicators in the SDGs has drawn increased attention to the topic.

Is China getting greener?

June 2019 - BLOG

China is the world's largest greenhouse gases (GHG) emitter, yet it is also the world's leading country in energy production from renewable sources.

Uganda Yield Fund: early lessons from IFAD's first private sector investment fund

May 2019 - BLOG
In 2017, IFAD took its first plunge into the private sector investment space by launching the Uganda Yield Fund in partnership with the European Union.

Achieving gender equality is a precondition for the eradication of poverty

May 2019 - BLOG
Whether paid or unpaid, women undertake a wide range of tasks in rural contexts and this contribution to rural economies is often undervalued.

Why women are key to better nutrition and global poverty eradication

April 2019 - BLOG
Adolescence is the transition period between childhood and adulthood – the perfect opportunity to improve nutrition and correct poor nutritional practices. 

Cabo Verde, islands at the forefront of climate-resilient development

March 2019 - BLOG

This week I had the chance to witness the impressive resilience and creativity of people working to improve agriculture in Cabo Verde. 

The illusion of choice

March 2019 - BLOG
Consumers increasingly want to know whether the food and beverage brands they buy from are doing social and environmental good, including doing right by the smallholder farmers in global food supply chains. 

International Women’s Day 2019

March 2019 - BLOG
In many parts of the world, women are more likely to be food insecure than men. That’s despite the fact that in many countries, many women work in agriculture and are responsible for preparing food.

Using irrigation for rural development: drawing lessons from impact assessments

February 2019 - BLOG

Irrigation is a lynchpin of rural development strategies. In particular, small-scale irrigation projects are commonplace due to their relatively low cost and user-led management. 

Innovation at all scales: Connecting entrepreneurs to Governments at IFAD’s Governing Council

February 2019 - BLOG
Today’s most pressing problems will need cross-sector collaboration and innovation at all scales. 

Promoting the rights perspective for indigenous peoples

February 2019 - BLOG
Over the years international support for indigenous peoples has grown, also sanctioned by international declarations. 

IFAD in the Blue Economy: Is this a game changer?

January 2019 - BLOG
"Blue Economy" is the new buzzword in the international sustainable development agenda. But what is it and where does it fit in IFAD's development work?

Why we should care about vulnerable coastal communities

January 2019 - BLOG

Approximately 40 per cent of the world’s population lives within 100 kilometers of the coast, and overall the world’s coastal population is increasing fast.