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How small-scale farmers in Saudi Arabia are preserving a cultural treasure

July 2024

Coffee has been grown in Saudi Arabia for centuries. But today, climate change is taking its toll. See how one small-scale farmer has built a thriving coffee farm, and is preserving traditions, despite challenges.

Cocoa farmers bring sweet dreams to life

July 2024

Did you know nearly all of the world’s cocoa is produced by small-scale farmers? Let’s celebrate some of the people making our lives a little sweeter.


The Angolan cooperative building a brighter future

July 2024

Small-scale farmers and fishers are joining forces and tapping into northern Angola’s immense potential for inland aquaculture.

Small businesses for a sustainable future in Brazil

June 2024

Farming is not easy in Brazil’s semi-arid north-east. But with the support of a local cooperative, these small businesses are producing food while protecting nature.


IFAD Annual Report 2023

June 2024

The world needs to find new ways to invest in rural people and their activities. IFAD’s Annual Report 2023 outlines how this is already happening.

Morocco's rural women venture forth with vinegar

June 2024

Apple farming is a way of life in central Morocco, but farmers have been struggling with post-harvest losses. This all-woman cooperative is turning things around.

Dry planet: drought and desertification, region by region

June 2024

We asked IFAD’s climate experts how desertification and drought are affecting different parts of the world – and how rural people are leading the change that’s needed.

14 reasons why remittances are important

June 2024

Remittances continue to matter more than ever, particularly in rural areas where they count the most and provide further opportunities towards rural transformation. Here are 14 reasons why.

Restoring ecosystems from the ground up

June 2024

Dwindling water sources and severe droughts are degrading soils. But it’s not too late to restore ecosystems – if rural people take the lead.

How diverse crops create a safety net for Solomon Islanders

May 2024

Bringing back dietary diversity is crucial to building resilience and ensuring Solomon Islanders can always access enough nutritious food, even in times of crisis.

Meet the young rural people bringing back bees

May 2024

From Tanzania to Tajikistan, rural youth are combining tradition with modern techniques to build sustainable livelihoods on an ancient delicacy: honey. 

7 innovations transforming rural lives

May 2024

Small-scale farmers rely on new ideas, techniques and technologies to prosper in our rapidly changing world. Let’s explore seven innovations driving sustainable, inclusive rural development today.

After Cyclone Freddy, investment brings hope to rural Malawi

April 2024

Rural Malawians are still rebuilding and coming to terms with Freddy’s impacts. But thanks to much-needed investments in small-scale farming, hope is finally starting to appear on the horizon. 

Meet the women closing the digital divide in rural China

April 2024

Investing in women's digital empowerment can foster prosperity not just for them, but for entire communities. These three remarkable rural women revitalizing their villages in rural China are living proof of this.

The three types of biodiversity: explained

April 2024

Genetic, species, ecosystem: learn about the three main types of biodiversity and explore the role each plays in making agriculture productive, nutritious and resilient.

In Mozambique, a boost to private sector finance is a boost to rural communities

April 2024

Financial exclusion is acute in rural Mozambique, and women are disproportionately impacted. Closing the funding gap to catalyse private-sector investment in rural communities can make all the difference.

See how water and peace go hand in hand

March 2024

Peace and water are inextricably intertwined. That’s why sustainable rural development can help reduce conflict in communities – and why water is often the crucial element that can make the difference.

Invest in rural women

March 2024

Investing in women is the surest way to prosperity – and a world without hunger. That’s why IFAD invests in women. They’re the smartest investment in a sustainable future.

Champions of change: Meet the winners of the 2024 IFAD Gender Awards

March 2024

Visit the five inspiring winners of this year’s Gender Awards and find out how they’re addressing the harmful practices, social norms and economic disparities that keep women from achieving their potential.

Twenty years on from the first Farmers’ Forum, four farming leaders weigh in

February 2024

We asked four farmers’ organization leaders from around the world about current challenges, new developments and their hopes for the future at the eighth global meeting of the Famers’ Forum.