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Integrated farming strengthens climate resilience in Cambodia

December 2023
Integrated farming provides ecosystem benefits and builds climate resilience. Find out how this system is strengthening Cambodia’s small-scale farmers and their communities.

The world is not prepared for climate change

December 2023
For rural people, the climate nightmare is a reality. They urgently need support to adapt to a changing world. To do this, IFAD is issuing three calls to action – find out what they are.

Persons with disabilities and IFAD join forces to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals

December 2023
In a world of climate catastrophes, rising food prices and global instability, find out how persons with disabilities are taking their rightful place in the effort to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals.

COP: Where does it come from and where is it going?

November 2023
COP is an annual meeting where decision makers discuss how best to tackle climate change. But how did the summit come to be and what difference does it make for rural people? Find out here.

Bringing global finance to rural development

November 2023
The path towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals has never seemed more precarious. Find out how IFAD is using private investment to secure prosperity and sustainable development for the world’s poorest communities.

Fishing for a better future in Nigeria

November 2023
In Nigeria, aquaculture brings new opportunities to rural youth and helps to reduce the country’s unemployment rate.

How indigenous youth are grappling with climate change

November 2023
Climate change is having a huge impact on Indigenous Peoples all over the world. We sat down with three indigenous youth to talk about how erratic weather patterns are affecting their communities and how they are drawing on tradition and technology to cope with it.

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