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A new strategy for a new country: IFAD supports youth in South Sudan

May 2023
To transform rural lives we must build a strong understanding of the countries we operate in. Find out how IFAD is doing just that in South Sudan.

Rural people rely on biodiversity. Here's how IFAD protects it

May 2023
Biodiversity is especially important for small-scale farmers. Here’s how IFAD is further integrating it into projects all over the world.

Rural people make a beeline for prosperity

May 2023
On World Bee Day, meet the pollinators buzzing to protect our planet and the rural people taking care of them.

Brewing up a better future for Sri Lankan tea farmers

May 2023
Sri Lanka is among the world’s top five exporters of tea. But tea farmers here must balance making a profit and preserving the soil. Find out how IFAD is helping farmers diversify their income streams so they can be more resilient and secure a better life for themselves.

The sun is the unlikely solution to rural India's water problem

May 2023
In India, two rural villages find comfort in solar-powered water systems.

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