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A tale of two towns in Tajikistan

October 2022
In Tajikistan two neighbouring towns face different fates as one suffers the aftermath of drought and displacement and the other is saved by irrigation.

Five ways IFAD is helping to reduce rural poverty in an age of climate change

October 2022
Even when a world without poverty seems out of reach, here’s how IFAD continues to work in developing countries, amplifying the voices of rural people and integrating them into value chains, so they can earn and save, while feeding the world and conserving the natural environment.

What’s on the menu in 2050?

October 2022
What’s on the menu in 2050? For World Food Day, we contemplate what our plates might look like in the future and explore how the world’s small-scale farmers are revolutionizing what we eat.

Rural Women Rise

October 2022
Meet some of the inspiring women IFAD supports as they, in turn, bolster the people around them.

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