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With the right resources, rural women can change the world

October 2023
When rural women access finance, the entire world flourishes. Find out how financially empowered women are leading the fight against climate change, achieving sustainable development and ensuring food security for their communities and the planet.

Thriving in Türkiye: meet the women lifting themselves out of poverty

October 2023
All over the world rural women face numerous challenges that men do not. Find out how an IFAD-funded project in Türkiye is providing them with the tools to lift themselves out of poverty and thrive.

Four questions with IFAD’s new Vice-President

October 2023
Meet IFAD’s new Vice-President. Gerardine Mukeshimana discusses the importance of investing in rural communities, climate change adaptation and giving women access to resources.

10 ways to reduce food loss: lessons from the field

September 2023
Food loss occurring after harvest and before retail sale, also termed post-harvest loss, is a key challenge in many developing countries and one that IFAD is committed to alleviate.

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