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From city to soil: Young graduates seek a better life in rural areas

December 2023

All over the world university graduates are trading in cities for rural areas. IFAD is helping to create employment opportunities so that young people can earn a living and stay connected to the land.

Self-sufficient farming for better health in the remote Pacific

December 2023

Rural people in Kiribati are leading the way in sustainable farming, making nutritious foods available and creating a foundation for better health in the years to come.

Integrated farming strengthens climate resilience in Cambodia

December 2023

Integrated farming provides ecosystem benefits and builds climate resilience. Find out how this system is strengthening Cambodia’s small-scale farmers and their communities.

The world is not prepared for climate change

December 2023

For rural people, the climate nightmare is a reality. They urgently need support to adapt to a changing world. To do this, IFAD is issuing three calls to action – find out what they are.