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In rural China, greenhouses bring new life to the desert

January 2024

Growing food is a challenge in the harsh desert landscape of northwestern China. But thanks to new greenhouses built by a local cooperative, this village is bursting with fruits, vegetables and mushrooms.

Clean energy, thriving rural communities

January 2024

Rural communities need energy to develop, but in a rapidly heating world, a green transition is crucial. Renewable sources, like solar power and biogas, are allowing them to prosper without relying on polluting fossil and wood fuels.

Why we celebrate international days: your questions answered

January 2024

There’s an international day for nearly every global issue you can think of. Learn how they come into being, the key observances for rural people – and why they matter.

Early warning systems help small-scale farmers prepare for climate change

January 2024

Climate change is making extreme weather events more intense and frequent.  With IFAD’s support, small-scale farmers are getting the advanced warning they need to limit damage to their livelihoods and recover faster.