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How IFAD promotes peace

September 2023
Poverty is both a symptom and a driver of conflict. That’s why IFAD supports the poorest and most marginalized people as they contribute to a more peaceful world where everyone can access dignified work that fosters shared economic prosperity.

Why the Sustainable Development Goals matter: your questions answered

September 2023
As countries meet to evaluate how much progress has been made towards the Sustainable Development Goals, find out more about these 17 objectives and why they’re important for the rural communities we work with.

Recipes for Change: Gaeng Nor Mai Som (Lao soured bamboo soup)

September 2023
Chef Saeng's Gaeng Nor Mai Som, a hearty and delicious Lao sour bamboo soup, takes us on a flavourful journey into the heart of Southeast Asia.

Earthquake devastates poor rural communities in Morocco

September 2023
A devastating earthquake in Morocco has rocked rural communities. IFAD’s team are on the ground to understand how our project participants and the projects themselves have been affected.

South-South action to confront development challenges

September 2023
Rural people across the world live in a dizzying array of contexts, yet they face surprisingly similar struggles. Through South-South and Triangular Cooperation, countries in the Global South learn from each other and share resources so they can overcome development challenges together.

What are Public Development Banks? Your questions answered

September 2023
Public Development Banks are a crucial but often underappreciated force driving global change for the better. As the world confronts compounding crises, we deep dive into PDBs and why they matter for rural people.

Why farmers’ organizations matter: Your questions answered

August 2023
Farmers’ organizations mean small-scale farmers can access markets, inputs, finance and information that would otherwise be hard to come by. Find out what farmers’ organisations are and what IFAD is doing to support them.

Healthy planet, healthy people: How IFAD and GEF are partnering to transform the world

August 2023
Small-scale farmers need financial support to face the climate crisis. For the last 20 years, IFAD and the Global Environment Facility have been supporting rural communities as they build food systems that nourish us all.

Young people hold the key to Africa’s green economy

August 2023
Young people in rural areas are struggling to find work and earn an income. Here’s how the green transition is changing that in Africa.

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