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IFAD delegation visits Rwanda to discuss rural development gains

A high-level delegation from IFAD, led by Vice-President Gérardine Mukeshimana, visited Rwanda this week to discuss the country’s progress in developing rural areas and the investments needed to continue to promote inclusive and sustainable agricultural growth.

Media advisory: China-IFAD SSTC Facility to showcase climate-smart solutions at upcoming event

IFAD and the China-IFAD South-South and Triangular Cooperation Facility are co-organizing a virtual and in-person event on Wednesday, 29 May, to highlight proven and cost-efficient solutions to climate change's effects.

When it comes to protecting biodiversity, we must all do our part

Biodiversity in all its forms has transformative power – protecting it requires a whole-of-society approach, in which we all play our part.

From bees to trees: bringing nature back into agriculture – Episode 60

To celebrate World Biodiversity Day, we explore how rural communities are making farming green again. Tune in to hear from a young Zimbabwean and global conservation leaders.

Meet the young rural people bringing back bees

From Tanzania to Tajikistan, rural youth are combining tradition with modern techniques to build sustainable livelihoods on an ancient delicacy: honey.

Senegal launches Africa Integrated Climate Risk Management Programme to support smallholder farmers

The Government of Senegal, in partnership with several international organizations including FAD, officially launched the Africa Integrated Climate Risk Management Programme (AIRCM) today.

Proyecto reforzará la resiliencia climática de más de 250.000 personas en el estado brasileño de Ceará

El FIDA, el BNDES y el Gobierno del Estado de Ceará presentaron hoy en Fortaleza un proyecto que reforzará la resiliencia climática de más de 250.000 personas en 72 municipios del estado de Ceará.

6 ways IFAD is helping to prevent the next pandemic

Given the complex interconnections between the health of animals, people and the planet, how can we prepare ourselves for the next pandemic? Here’s how IFAD’s investments are helping.

IFAD and Japan’s Yokohama City partner for key global food security events

IFAD and Yokohama City, Japan, announced today in Rome their partnership to collaborate on two crucial upcoming global food security events: TICAD9, the 9th Tokyo International Conference on African Development, in 2025; and GREEN×EXPO 2027.

الصندوق الدولي للتنمية الزراعية يدخل سوق الدولار الأسترالي ويصدر سند مستداما بقيمة 75 مليون دولار أسترالي للمستثمر Meiji Yasuda Life

أصدر الصندوق الدولي للتنمية الزراعية اليوم أول طرح خاص له بالدولار الأسترالي، مسجلا بذلك إنجازا جديدا كمصدر للسندات المستدامة في الأسواق الدولية وموسعا مجموعة عملات الإصدار. والمستثمر، شركة Meiji Yasuda Life، إحدى شركات التأمين على الحياة الرائدة في اليابان، اشترت سندا مستداما مدته خمسة عشر عاما بقيمة 75 مليون دولار أسترالي لدعم الصندوق في رسالته المتمثلة في تسريع النمو المستدام والتنمية الشاملة في المناطق الريفية في البلدان النامية.

7 innovations transforming rural lives

Small-scale farmers rely on new ideas, techniques and technologies to prosper in our rapidly changing world. Let’s explore seven innovations driving sustainable, inclusive rural development today.

El Presidente del Fondo de Desarrollo Agrícola de la ONU ratifica la apuesta por el sector productivo de camélidos en Bolivia, luego de invertir 165 millones de dólares en desarrollo rural por cuatro décadas

El FIDA ha cofinanciado 14 proyectos de desarrollo en beneficio de la población rural junto al Gobierno de Bolivia en las últimas cuatro décadas, con una inversión total de 291,5 millones de dólares, de los cuales 165 millones fueron financiados por el Fondo. El anuncio fue hecho por el Presidente del FIDA, Álvaro Lario, quien se encuentra en el país y fue parte de la ceremonia oficial de lanzamiento del Año Internacional de los Camélidos en La Paz, liderada por el Presidente del Estado Plurinacional de Bolivia, Luis Arce Catacora.

IFAD and Cambodia to continue to collaborate on key initiatives to boost small-scale agriculture and farmers’ incomes

An IFAD delegation to the Kingdom of Cambodia led by Donal Brown, Associate Vice-President of the Programme Management Department, met key officials, including Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Economy and Finance Aun Pornmoniroth, to discuss investments that will promote inclusive and sustainable agricultural growth in rural areas.

Appel à propositions “ Coordination régionale et soutien au dialogue politique du Programme conjoint Sahel en réponse aux défis COVID-19, conflits et changements climatiques (SD3C) ”

Cet appel à propositions vise à sélectionner un bénéficiaire pour recevoir un financement sous forme de don du FIDA sur trois ans pour mettre en œuvre le projet: « Coordination régionale et soutien au dialogue politique du Programme conjoint Sahel en réponse aux défis COVID-19, conflits et changements climatiques (SD3C) », pour un montant total pouvant atteindre 500,000 US dollars.

Rural Malawians on building back after Cyclone Freddy – Episode 59

A year on from Cyclone Freddy, hope is returning to Malawi’s farms. Tune in to hear directly from the small-scale farmers who are building back stronger with IFAD's support.

Innovation for Sustainability: Global leaders harness the power of innovation

Global leaders from the public and private sectors and civil society will gather in Rome to discuss innovation for sustainability and explore innovative processes, products, approaches, and co-financing solutions towards sustainability. The Summit will feature presentations, roundtables, and workshops that focus on the Climate, Health, and Nutrition Nexus.

With new geospatial tools, mapping environmental impact is as easy as ABC

Launched this year by the IFAD-hosted Agri-PBD Platform, the ABC-Map uses satellite data to get a holistic view of environmental impact without requiring any ground data.

Call for proposals: IFAD grant for supporting the use of satellite data in project design, monitoring and evaluation

This call for proposals is to select a recipient or consortium of recipients to receive IFAD grant financing to implement the project ‘Capitalising on Earth Observation Data to support Project Design, Implementation and Evaluation’ (CAPEO).

After Cyclone Freddy, investment brings hope to rural Malawi

Rural Malawians are still rebuilding and coming to terms with Freddy’s impacts. But thanks to much-needed investments in small-scale farming, hope is finally starting to appear on the horizon.

Global Report on Food Crises: Acute hunger remains persistently high in 59 countries with 1 in 5 people assessed in need of critical urgent action

According to the latest Global Report on Food Crises (GRFC), nearly 282 million people in 59 countries and territories experienced high levels of acute hunger in 2023 - a worldwide increase of 24 million from the previous year. This rise was due to the report’s increased coverage of food crisis contexts as well as a sharp deterioration in food security, especially in the Gaza Strip and the Sudan.