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Good food and good stories: A conversation with Chef Thomas Zacharias

Chef Thomas Zacharias is a big fan of storytelling as a way to get people interested in fixing our food systems. We caught up with him to learn more about what drives him to tell the stories of the farmers he’s met and to champion local, seasonal, sustainable ingredients.

What it means to make “good” food: A conversation with Chef Dhondy

Chef Anahita Dhondy is a passionate advocate for Parsi food – the rich cuisine of India’s Zoroastrian community to which she belongs – as well as for the use of local, seasonal, sustainable ingredients. We recently caught up with her to hear more about her work in and out of the kitchen.

Building Resilience in a Time of Famine – Episode 33

20 million people in the Horn of Africa are at risk of starvation, largely due to a four-year drought making the region the driest it’s been in forty years. Dr Joseph Awange and IFAD’s Satu Santala discuss the root causes of famine and the solutions we can put in place.

Meet 10 rural small businesses making a big difference

Micro, small and medium enterprises (SMEs) are the cornerstones of a vibrant rural economy. Discover ten rural businesses from every continent that are thriving with IFAD's support.

Take a 360° tour of a small, thriving pig farm in the green hills of Lao PDR

In the tiny village of Manh, nestled in the green uplands of Lao, agricultural production groups are coming together to develop their businesses and learn new techniques. For Boun Tham, groups like these made all the difference for his pig farm.

Save the date: IFAD Member States elect next President

IFAD elects its next President on 7 July, designating new leadership at a crucial time when rising food, energy and fertilizer prices threaten to trigger a global food crisis and push millions more rural people into hunger and poverty.

My Kenya Diary: Sabrina Dhowre Elba

Actor, activist, model, and IFAD Goodwill Ambassador Sabrina Dhowre Elba went to Kenya to see how rural small-scale farmers are transforming their communities. In her photo diary, she shares what she saw and learned on her visit.

إصدار سندات الصندوق الافتتاحية مع شركة الاستثمار الآسيوية Dai-Ichi Frontier Life يزيد الاستثمارات من أجل تعزيز قدرة صغار المزارعين على الصمود في وجه تغير المناخ ومكافحة الجوع والفقر

أصدر الصندوق الدولي للتنمية الزراعية اليوم أول سند له على الإطلاق في آسيا بقيمة 50 مليون دولار أمريكي مع شركة Dai-ichi Frontier Life Insurance Co., Ltd، ممهدا الطريق أمام زيادة الاستثمار في بعض أكثر المجتمعات المحلية الريفية ضعفا في العالم. ويأتي هذا الاستثمار في وقت يتعرض فيه ملايين السكان الريفيين لخطر الوقوع في براثن الجوع والفقر بسبب الارتفاع الحاد في أسعار الأغذية، والطاقة، والأسمدة على الصعيد العالمي، وتزايد وتيرة وشدة صدمات الأحوال الجوية المتطرفة الناجمة عن تغير المناخ.

Award-winning Indian chefs partner with UN agency IFAD to create Recipes for Change

Award-winning Indian chefs Anahita Dhondy and Thomas Zacharias have joined IFAD to promote Recipes for Change (R4C), a platform that aims to bring a taste of rural people’s lives to consumers through the food they eat.

Recipes for Change: Rice and beans with jackfruit meat and sautéed vegetables

The main element in Chef Gil’s vegan dish is jackfruit, a truly sustainable crop. Calorie-dense and nutrient-rich, jackfruit are known for their nutritive value and their resilience against climatic shifts. With a unique texture akin to pulled pork, their versatility in the kitchen is unmatched.

Against the backdrop of conflict and COVID-19, IFAD is helping farmers grow in Yemen

Years of conflict in Yemen have taken their toll – and among all of the devastation that’s been wrought, the country’s agricultural sector is one of the hardest hit. Now, an IFAD-supported initiative is helping Yemeni farmers get back on their feet.

Recipes for Change: Cricket japchae

Japchae is a traditional Korean dish known for its versatility. Chef Yoon’s version features crickets, a superfood packed with essential nutrients. If you’re looking for a new source of protein with almost no greenhouse gas emissions – or you’re just feeling adventurous – give this recipe a try.

من المتوقع أن تصل تدفقات التحويلات المالية العالمية مدفوعة بعملية الرقمنة إلى 5.4 تريليون دولار أمريكي بحلول عام 2030

ازداد حجم التحويلات المالية العالمية، أي الأموال التي يرسلها العمال المهاجرون إلى أفراد أسرهم في البلدان المنخفضة والمتوسطة الدخل، بنسبة 8.6 في المائة في عام 2021. وعلى الرغم من التوقعات بأن جائحة كوفيد-19 ستخفض تدفقات التحويلات المالية، استمر الزخم بسبب زيادة بنسبة 48 في المائة في الأموال المرسلة من خلال قنوات الهاتف المحمول، وفقا لتقرير التحويلات المالية عبر الهاتف المحمول في أفريقيا (MobileRemit Africa) الذي أصدره الصندوق الدولي للتنمية الزراعية اليوم.

12 سببا وراء أهمية التحويلات المالية

وتظل التحويلات المالية مهمة أكثر من أي وقت مضى، لا سيما في المناطق الريفية التي تحظى فيها بأهمية أكبر وتوفر المزيد من الفرص نحو تحقيق التحول الريفي. وترد فيما يلي 12 سببا وراء هذه الأهمية.

UN’s IFAD signs letter of intent with China’s Centre for International Agricultural Research

IFAD and the Centre for International Agricultural Research (CIAR) of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences (CAAS) signed a letter of intent today, detailing the conditions of a strategic partnership between the two organisations in their efforts to jointly support rural revitalization in China and globally.

Launch of the first Mobileremit Africa Report for financial and digital inclusion

The MobileRemit Africa Report provides a framework to help countries identify data gaps, measure how enabling their policies are and the operating market environment for mobile-enabled remittances.

Digitalization of remittances: an opportunity for financial and digital inclusion - a specific country analysis on The Gambia

On the occasion of the International Day of Family Remittances (16 June), IFAD will launch its new MobileRemit Africa report, which includes a specific country analysis about the Gambia.

Recipes for Change: Millet upma & jackfruit curry

Millets – grain-producing grasses that can be found on farms all over the world – were at risk of being forgotten entirely amid the rise of industrial agriculture. They’ve made a comeback in recent years, thanks to a growing awareness of their nutritional and environmental benefits among farmers, chefs and consumers.

Digitalization of remittances: an opportunity for financial and digital inclusion - a specific country analysis on Ghana

On the occasion of the International Day of Family Remittances (16 June), IFAD will launch its new MobileRemit Africa report, which includes a specific country analysis about Ghana, the second largest recipient of remittances in sub-Saharan Africa in absolute terms after Nigeria.

Deux vice-présidents adjoints du FIDA en visite officielle au Sénégal et en Gambie

Les vice-présidents adjoints du FIDA, Donal Brown, chargé du Département de la gestion des programmes et Jyotsna Puri, responsable du Département de la stratégie et des savoirs, effectuent une visite officielle de travail au Sénégal et en Gambie du 13 au 16 juin 2022 pour rencontrer des autorités sénégalaises et gambiennes et les participants aux programmes appuyés par le FIDA dans ces deux pays, ainsi que le programme régional SAHEL.

40 years of IFAD-China cooperation: Celebrating the past, envisioning the future

IFAD and China are celebrating 40 years of cooperation. Over the last four decades, IFAD has supported China’s development and China has been a key supporter and champion of our work. Here, we look back on 40 years of achievement and look forward to where the next few decades will take us.

الصندوق قدم قرضا بقيمة 3.5 مليون يورو لتعزيز الأعمال الزراعية التي تقودها النساء في مدغشقر ودعم صغار المزارعين

بينما تكافح المؤسسات الزراعية الصغيرة والمتوسطة الحجم في البلدان المنخفضة الدخل من أجل تمويل النمو، يكثف الصندوق الدولي للتنمية للزراعية التابع للأمم المتحدة التزامه بمساعدة هذه الجهات الفاعلة الأساسية في التنمية الريفية من خلال تقديم قرض جديد بقيمة 3.5 مليون يورو إلى شركة SOAFIARY، وهي شركة أعمال زراعية مبتكرة تقودها النساء في مدغشقر.

Transformando los Sistemas Alimentarios para Fomentar la Prosperidad Rural

La Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile (PUC) será la sede el próximo lunes 13 de junio del lanzamiento regional en América Latina y el Caribe del Informe sobre Desarrollo Rural del FIDA.

Recipes for Change: Lentil and sorghum curry with flatbread (liphaphatha)

This dish is Chef Ska Moteane’s take on a traditional Lesotho recipe. It combines sorghum, a drought-tolerant crop grown in Lesotho, with lentils, a legume that takes well to the country’s cold highland villages, and adds a burst of nutrient-packed vegetables and fragrant curry spices.

IFAD-funded project to help smallholder farmers make the transition to agroecology in Argentina

IFAD, the Government of Argentina and FONPLATA Development Bank have launched a new rural development project to help smallholder farmers transition to more resilient agroecology-based production while also taking advantage of digital technologies to improve their livelihoods and income.

IFAD and Youcheng Foundation commit to rural revitalization in China

IFAD and the Youcheng Foundation for Poverty Alleviation signed a letter of intent today, outlining their collaboration and joint commitment to promote rural revitalization.

Recipes for Change: Butternut squash, spinach & black-eyed peas with fonio

A stew made with sustainable ingredients is comfort food at its best: good for you and good for the planet. This stew, presented by Chef Pierre Thiam, is inspired by ingredients from his childhood in Senegal. It features black-eyed peas (also known as cow peas), a central cultural element of West African cuisines.

إصدار سند الصندوق يمثل معلما رئيسيا على طريق ربط أسواق رأس المال بدعم فقراء الريف في جميع أنحاء العالم

أصدر الصندوق اليوم أول سنداته للتنمية المستدامة مع Folksam ، وهو صندوق تأمين ومعاشات تقاعد رائد في السويد يستثمر في سندات بقيمة 100 مليون دولار أمريكي.

IFAD opens regional office to better serve the small-scale farmers in East and Southern Africa

IFAD today officially opened its East and Southern Africa regional office to help the institution meet its goal of reducing hunger and poverty.

Brazil’s semi-arid region is full of life

Brazil’s north-eastern semi-arid region, known as sertão, is a land rich in culture and enchanting landscapes, but the harsh climate and lack of water make it difficult to earn a living here. However, over recent decades, modern ingenuity has combined with traditional mutual aid systems to help communities make the most of the region’s natural resources.

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