Support to Farmers Organizations in Africa Programme (SFOAP): Completion Report

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Support to Farmers Organizations in Africa Programme: Completion Report

This completion report is a compilation of activities and achievements of the Support to Farmers’ Organizations in Africa Programme (SFOAP). It reviews main activities implemented, key results and outcomes, and impacts. The report showcases and promotes key success stories from the field resulting from the strengthening institutional, advocacy or economic activities of Farmers’ Organisations. It can also be used as an advocacy tool to demonstrate the relevance of strengthening Farmers’ Organisations to improve poor family farmers’ livelihoods and food security.

SFOAP was co-financed by the EC, IFAD, SDC and AFD, to strengthen the capacity of farmers’ organizations (FOs) in African countries and regional and Pan-African networks. The main purpose was to support Farmers’ Organisations to develop into stable, performing, accountable organizations that effectively represent their members and advise farmers. The SFOAP Programme closed in 2019.


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