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09 MAI

Investments in agriculture can unlock untold prosperity in Africa – IFAD President tells leaders in Kigali this week

Langues: English
06 MAI

IFAD Rome office receives top environmental award for green building leadership

Langues: English
06 MAI

The impact of what happens in a small African village can now be felt around the world, IFAD President tells meeting of Pope’s encyclical on the environment

Langues: English
29 AVR

New IFAD-supported project tackles malnutrition and stunting in northern Laos

Langues: English
28 AVR

Changes in Central America’s fiscal policies would promote rural development and reduce poverty

Langues: English, Spanish
26 AVR

Global Forum on Remittances and Development

Langues: English, Italian
22 AVR

US$ 23 million IFAD loan and grant to increase agriculture in Viet Nam

Langues: English

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