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19 AOÛ

In China IFAD President Kanayo F. Nwanze will explore broader partnerships for rural poverty eradication

Langues: English
23 JLT

Better evidence, better programmes, better outcomes

Langues: English
27 MAI

Remittances can transform rural areas

Langues: English
10 MAI

Press conference at Global Forum on Remittances 2013 - Sending money home to Asia

Langues: English
11 AVR

IFAD President in Canada to discuss joint efforts to improve global food and nutrition security

Langues: English
04 AVR

IFAD adopts comprehensive policy on gender equality – a key to rural development

Langues: English
23 FÉV

Le renforcement du partenariat entre la Fondation Gates et le FIDA

Langues: English, Spanish, French
19 DÉC

United Nations International Day for South-South Cooperation

Langues: English
20 JLT

South-South Cooperation a must to add momentum to poverty reduction efforts

Langues: English

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