Community Livestock and Agriculture Project

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Community Livestock and Agriculture Project

The goal of this project is to increase agricultural and livestock productivity, and improve food security, for almost 170,000 rural households in selected districts of Kabul, Parwan and Logar provinces. The project also aims to reduce gender disparities by increasing the social and economic status of women.

To these ends, the project focuses on enhancing productive assets, skills, services, technologies and income opportunities in the targeted households. The target group includes small-scale farmers and livestock-keepers, including landless households; women and female-headed households; and resettled and nomadic Kuchi people.

The project is organized around three mutually reinforcing components:

  • Community development, including improving infrastructure and building the capacity of local communities and institutions
  • Livestock and agriculture development, with a strong emphasis on women and other vulnerable and marginalized segments of the rural population
  • Project management, policy support and a young professionals programme attracting highly qualified and motivated young project staff.

In addition, the project aims to strengthen some weak areas of the value chain, including smallholders' linkages with markets.


Source: IFAD

Statut: En cours
Date d'approbation
13 décembre 2012
2012 - 2021
Développement agricole
Coût total
94,96 millions d'USD
Financement du FIDA
83 millions d'USD
Cofinanceurs (International)
Rural Poor Stimulus Facility 1,1 million d'USD
Cofinanceurs (Échelle nationale)
National Government 3,58 millions d'USD
Beneficiaries additional financing 1,84 million d'USD
Beneficiaries 3,48 millions d'USD
Conditions de financement
Don au titre du CSD
Numéro de projet
Référent sur le projet
Candra Samekto

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