Investing in rural people in the Dominican Republic

octobre 2017
Over the past 25 years, the Dominican Republic has enjoyed one of the strongest growth rates in Latin America and the Caribbean. Recent growth has been driven by construction, manufacturing and tourism.

Investing in rural people in Brazil

octobre 2017
Brazil is a major agricultural and industrial power, has the strongest economy in Latin America and the Caribbean, and is the seventh-largest economy in the world. It is the fourth-largest agricultural producing country, the main producer of coffee, sugarcane and citrus, and the second largest soybean, beef and poultry producer.
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Investing in rural people in Mexico

octobre 2017
Mexico is the second-largest economy in Latin America. Despite being a large, upper-middle-income country, Mexico continues to have high rural poverty levels and wide social and economic disparities. While only about 21 per cent of the population lives in rural areas, they represent roughly two thirds of the extremely poor.

Investing in rural people in Argentina

septembre 2017

In Argentina, IFAD helps reduce rural poverty by investing in smallholder farmer organisations and indigenous communities to increase their income. The country programme strategy (2016-2021) is based on national priorities and has three strategic objectives focusing on income and strategic opportunities; human and social capital; and institutional development.

The strategy emphasizes the central role farmer and community organizations play in rural transformation processes. Key activities include:
• bolstering the economic sustainability of families and organizations by improving and diversifying productive activities, building resilience, improving their negotiating power in value chains, and promoting good nutritional practices
• strengthening the capacity of poor rural people and organizations by improving their managerial capacity, socio-economic condition, and their ability to engage in dialogue with the public sector
• building the capacity of government institutions to support rural development.

Ireland and IFAD

août 2017

Ireland and IFAD share a commitment to a world where people are empowered to overcome poverty and hunger. Ireland has nine key partner countries: Ethiopia, Lesotho, Malawi, Mozambique, Sierra Leone, Uganda, the United Republic of Tanzania, Viet Nam and Zambia. IFAD funds more than 30 ongoing projects in these countries, with a total investment of US$2.4 billion. In October 2016, IFAD participated in the launch of the Irish Forum for International Agricultural Development in Dublin.

A founding member of IFAD, Ireland has pledged a total of US$40.7 million to IFAD’s regular replenishments. Ireland has also provided over US$10 million in supplementary contributions, including €3 million in support to the International Land Coalition, which is hosted by IFAD.

The Austria-IFAD partnership

août 2017

Austria and IFAD share a common commitment to reducing poverty, improving food security and achieving more sustainable economic growth for small-scale farmers and other vulnerable rural populations. 

Partenariat entre la Suisse et le FIDA

août 2017

La Suisse et le FIDA partagent la même volonté d’éliminer la pauvreté, la faim et la malnutrition. L’une et l’autre privilégient l’agriculture durable et placent l’agriculture familiale au centre de leur action.

Partenariat entre le Canada et le FIDA

août 2017

Le Canada et le FIDA coopèrent depuis longtemps pour éradiquer la faim et la pauvreté. Tous deux placent les personnes vulnérables au coeur de l’action qu’ils mènent pour améliorer les moyens de subsistance et offrir des débouchés aux populations des zones rurales, où vivent 80% des personnes les plus démunies au monde.

The Japan-IFAD partnership

août 2017

Japan is a strong advocate of “human security”, a principle that is applied through a commitment to support the most vulnerable people while addressing broadly all dimensions of existence, livelihood and dignity.

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Le FIDA et vous: Obtenir des résultats

juillet 2017

Le mandat du FIDA est unique en son genre, comme est incomparable son expérience des interventions dans les zones reculées, où les autres institutions ne vont pas et où la pauvreté est la plus profondément enracinée.

Myanmar - Connecting rural people to knowledge, resources and markets

juillet 2017

With Fostering Agricultural Revitalization in Myanmar (FARM), the first project it has financed in Myanmar, IFAD is scaling up the best parts of regional and global projects, both its own and those of other organizations. For example, FARM has introduced a new method to complement pre-existing extension services.

This is benefiting both farmers and landless microentrepreneurs across the project area. At the heart of FARM’s innovation is the establishment of Knowledge Centres (KCs). Built on the structure and network of public extension services, the KCs are staffed by a ministry extension worker – the KC Manager. The KC Manager brings together farmers and microentrepreneurs in common interest groups, and helps them make the most of newly available extension services.

Burundi IAP factsheet

juin 2017
The Integrated Approach Programme on food security in Sub-Saharan Africa targets agro-ecological systems where the need to enhance food security is directly linked to opportunities for generating local and global environmental benefits.

Grant Results Sheet CABI - Plantwise A country-based approach to improve farmer livelihoods

juin 2017

Smallholder farmers in sub-Saharan Africa experience losses equivalent to 30- 40 per cent of total yields due to pests that attack their crops.

They need help to diagnose the problem and identify practical, economic, feasible and environmentally safe measures to deal with them. 

The goal of this programme was to significantly increase the productivity of key crops and/or improve household incomes for smallholder farmers by establishing plant clinics and training plant doctors. 

Nigeria IAP factsheet

juin 2017
The Integrated Approach Programme on food security in Sub-Saharan Africa targets agro-ecological systems where the need to enhance food security is directly linked to opportunities for generating local and global environmental benefits. 

Investir dans les populations rurales de Madagascar

avril 2017
Depuis 1979, le FIDA a financé 15 projets de développement rural à Madagascar, à hauteur de 265,5 millions d’USD. Cinq projets sont actuellement en cours.