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Investing in rural people in the Lao People’s Democratic Republic

mars 2023
IFAD began operations in the Lao People’s Democratic Republic in 1978. Our strategy is to invest in rural people, empowering them to increase their food security, improve the nutrition of their families and increase their incomes.

Investing in rural people in Malawi

mars 2023
IFAD began operations in Malawi in 1981 and has provided US$731.96 million in financing (including partner cofinancing) for 14 programmes and projects benefiting more than 2 million households.

Investir dans les populations rurales des Îles du Pacifique

mars 2023
Le FIDA aide les pays des Îles du Pacifique à bâtir des systèmes alimentaires ouverts à tous, productifs, résilients et durables qui soient axés sur la communauté.

Le partenariat Norvège-FIDA

mars 2023
Le FIDA et la Norvège ont une même vision d’un monde libéré de la pauvreté et de la faim.

The Germany-IFAD partnership

février 2023
Germany and IFAD place small-scale farmers and rural people – especially women and youth – at the heart of their development priorities for achieving a world with no hunger (Sustainable Development Goal 2).    

The Sweden-IFAD partnership

février 2023
IFAD and Sweden share a vision of a world without poverty and hunger and a commitment to support small-scale farmers to improve their livelihoods through the establishment of inclusive, resilient and sustainable food systems.  

The Spain–IFAD partnership

novembre 2022
Spain is a founding member of IFAD and has contributed a total of US$105.76 million to the regular resources of the Fund since it was established in 1977. The partnership between Spain and IFAD focuses on investing in smallholder agriculture to ensure food and nutrition security.

The China-IFAD partnership

novembre 2022
Since 1981, IFAD has worked with China to eliminate extreme poverty, increase food security and nutrition, and promote agricultural and rural development.
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The Ireland-IFAD partnership

novembre 2022
Ireland and IFAD share a commitment to empower rural people to overcome poverty and hunger through sustainable development.

The Japan-IFAD partnership

novembre 2022
Japan is a strong advocate of “human security”, a principle that is embodied in its commitment to support the most vulnerable people while addressing broadly all dimensions of poverty. Japan’s vision is shared by IFAD, whose mandate is to economically and socially empower the poorest rural people in remote areas of developing countries.
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The Republic of Korea–IFAD partnership

novembre 2022
The Republic of Korea is one of the founding members of IFAD and currently sits on the Fund’s Executive Board. The Republic of Korea and IFAD remain committed to eradicating poverty and hunger, and to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Investing in rural people in the United Republic of Tanzania

octobre 2022
IFAD’s Executive Board approved its first loan to the United Republic of Tanzania in 1978 – the second loan ever approved by the board.

Investing in rural people in Sri Lanka

septembre 2022
Altogether, IFAD has implemented 19 projects in Sri Lanka, benefiting 654,832 households at a total cost of US$654.57 million (with IFAD providing US$340.49 million in financing).

Investir dans les populations rurales en Haïti

septembre 2022
Le FIDA est un partenaire clé du développement rural d’Haïti. La série de stratégies, de projets et de programmes qu’il a mis en œuvre depuis 1978 témoigne de son engagement de longue date contre la pauvreté rurale, avec la participation active et l’inclusion de la population rurale haïtienne.

Investing in rural people in India

août 2022
IFAD has been working in India for more than 40 years. The current country strategic opportunities programme is fully aligned with the government’s policy framework.

Investir dans les populations rurales au Viet Nam

juin 2022
La présente fiche de pays illustre la stratégie adoptée par le FIDA pour éradiquer la pauvreté au Viet Nam, qui s’attache surtout à multiplier les innovations favorables aux pauvres.

Investing in rural people in Ethiopia

juin 2022
IFAD’s strategy in Ethiopia focuses on providing smallholder farmers, pastoralists and agropastoralists with the critical assets they need to enhance productivity and resilience. These include natural resources, technology, finance, institutional capacity and access to markets.

Investing in rural people in Rwanda

avril 2022
Since 1981, IFAD has financed 19 rural development programmes and projects in Rwanda, for a total amount of US$358.04 million, and directly benefiting about 1,540,157 rural households.

Investing in rural people in Kenya

avril 2022
Since 1979, IFAD has invested US$455.09 million in 20 programmes and projects in Kenya (at a total cost of US$980.31 million), in support of the Government’s efforts to reduce rural poverty.

Investir dans les populations rurales de Madagascar

mars 2022
Depuis 1979, le FIDA a financé 17 projets de développement rural à Madagascar, à hauteur de 434,285 millions d’USD. Quatre projets sont actuellement en cours.

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