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Reducing rural poverty and enhancing food security in Tajikistan

mai 2023
This booklet highlights the stories of some of the participants to the Community-based Agricultural Support Project in rural Tajikistan.

Conclusions et enseignements tirés des négociations de Koronivia sur l’agriculture et la sécurité alimentaire organisées au titre de la CCNUCC, et perspectives après la COP 27

mai 2023
The Koronivia Joint Work on Agriculture (KJWA) was established at COP23 to address six topics in the agricultural sector's role in climate change.

The Spain–IFAD partnership

avril 2023
Spain is a founding member of IFAD and has contributed a total of US$105.76 million to the regular resources of the Fund since it was established in 1977. The partnership between Spain and IFAD focuses on investing in smallholder agriculture to ensure food and nutrition security.

Partenariat entre le FIDA et les Pays-Bas

avril 2023
Depuis la création du FIDA en 1977, les Pays-Bas ont été un partenaire et un contributeur fiable. Concourant au budget de base à hauteur de 717 millions d’USD, le pays s’est hissé au rang de ses cinq principaux donateurs du Fonds.

Investing in rural people in Cambodia

avril 2023
To date, 12 projects have been conducted in the country, at a total cost of US$950.48 million, with IFAD financing amounting to US$309.08 million. An estimated 1,565,500 households have benefited directly.

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