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Case study: Innovations in financial inclusion, including microinsurance

janvier 2022
Post-Tsunami Sustainable Livelihoods Programme for the Coastal Communities of Tamil Nadu, India, 2007-2020.

Investing in rural people in Eritrea

janvier 2022
IFAD has been engaged in Eritrea for the past 26 years, investing a total of US$165 million across seven projects.

Achieving Rural Transformation: Results and Lessons from IFAD Impact Assessments

janvier 2022
This synthesis draws on 17 recent IFAD Impact Assessments conducted in various countries and production systems to analyse project activities and theories of change.

Resilience in the market for international remittances during the COVID-19 crisis

décembre 2021
This report examines the factors that have contributed to the resilience of remittances during the pandemic.

Impact of the Covid-19 pandemic: Implications and way forward in Asia and the Pacific

décembre 2021
Agriculture is the largest economic sector in Asia and the Pacific region, providing livelihoods to more than 266 million workers. Therefore, examining the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on this sector is crucial for securing the livelihoods of rural people in the region and preventing a food crisis in countries that are already experiencing food and nutrition security challenges.

Empowering rural youth through farmers’ organizations

décembre 2021
This paper captures and synthesizes key approaches, strategies and lessons for empowering rural youth in the Asia-Pacific region from farmers’ organizations (FOs) and regional and international development agencies.

Plateforme des savoirs Amérique latine et Caraïbes

décembre 2021
Un espace de partage d’enseignements et de bonnes pratiques, qui sont des éléments essentiels pour un développement durable des territoires ruraux.

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