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18 SEP

Heifer International and UN’s IFAD strengthen partnership to build resilience of rural people

Langues: English
07 SEP

IFAD invests $75 million to help mitigate drought in Andhra Pradesh

Langues: English
06 SEP

IFAD and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia explore an enhanced partnership

Langues: Arabic, English
05 SEP

New IFAD-supported project to increase employment and incomes of poor and vulnerable people in Ecuador

Langues: English, Spanish
05 SEP

Les crises alimentaires s’accentueront à moins d'investir davantage pour éliminer leurs causes profondes, soulignent les chefs des agences alimentaires de l'ONU en visite en Ethiopie frappée par la sécheresse

Langues: Arabic, English, Spanish, French, Italian, Chinese
31 AOÛ

IFAD and Iraq invest in new partnership to revitalise smallholder agriculture

Langues: Arabic, English
30 AOÛ

UN Food Agencies’ chiefs to visit drought-hit Ethiopia

Langues: English
29 AOÛ

IFAD and India to discuss shared rural poverty alleviation efforts

Langues: English

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