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Climate adaptation and mitigation measures for nutrition co-benefits in IFAD investments in Lesotho

juin 2021
This report describes the findings of the country study carried out for the design of IFAD project on Restoration of Landscapes and Livelihoods (ROLL P) in Lesotho.

Renewable Energy Technology for Smallholder Farmers

mai 2021
Collaboration with Local Companies for Adaptive Agriculture in Cambodia.

Digital Agriculture in Asia and the Pacific region: A synthesis of ongoing work

mai 2021
While the use of information and communication technologies (ICTs) and digital tools has been increasing steadily across large swathes of rural Asia during the past two decades, the ongoing COVID-19 crisis has imparted a sense of urgency in terms of accelerating this trend.

Investing in rural people in Sudan

mai 2021
Sudan became a Member State of IFAD in 1977, with the first IFAD loan being approved in 1979.

Agriculture for nutrition: Stories from Lao PDR

mai 2021
Dietary diversity is a big problem in Northern Laos. Many rural families regularly consume only 4 out of 10 major food groups, with rice often forming the majority of the meal.

Research Series Issue 65: Impacts of agricultural value chain development in a mountainous region: Evidence from Nepal

mai 2021
This analysis investigates the potential mechanism and the practical significance of the impacts of agricultural value chain development in a geographically challenging rural area of a developing country.

Programme conjoint d'accélération des progrès en faveur de l’autonomisation économique des femmes rurales (JP RWEE) - Évaluation finale (2014-2020)

mai 2021
Ce rapport présente les conclusions de l'évaluation globale de fin de parcours du Programme conjoint d'accélération des progrès en faveur de l’autonomisation économique des femmes rurales (JP RWEE).

Chicken raising to improve the livelihood and living conditions of poor, landless farmers in rural Cambodia

avril 2021
More than half of all rural Cambodian households keep poultry. Local bird breeds are the highest in demand in the local market, especially during festivals and celebrations.

Core Outcome Indicators measurement guidelines (COI) – online training

avril 2021
This online training is a walk through the guidelines that lay out the mandatory methodology developed by IFAD for collecting timely and reliable data on CIs at the outcome-level at project baseline, midterm and completion stages.

Good practices and innovations in risk management for agri-SME finance under COVID-19

avril 2021
This report compiles experiences and lessons shared in a Live Talks series on Risk Management for Agri-SME Finance between September and December 2020.

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