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Preventing the next pandemic by integrating human, animal and environmental health

The COVID-19 pandemic has made it clearer than ever that human health is not just a matter of providing people with medical care. To avoid future pandemics, we need to recognize that the well-being of people, animals, plants and ecosystems must be addressed as a dynamic whole.

Re-imagining food systems through the climate–nutrition nexus

The food we eat plays a role in not just our health, but that of our descendants. How we grow, hunt, fish or gather it, how we process it and bring it to market, affects the world around us. These simple relationships are the foundation of the climate–nutrition nexus.

Three ways IFAD can support digital agriculture in the Asia-Pacific region

Farmers and agribusinesses across the Asia-Pacific region are increasingly making use of new digital technologies. IFAD and Grow Asia have recently released a report exploring how these technologies are reshaping the region’s agriculture and how IFAD’s investments can accelerate the adoption of these technologies.

Faire entendre les besoins et la parole des ruraux. Entretien avec Hélène Papper

C'est désormais plus clair que jamais: pour faire face aux crises mondiales, il faut impliquer les communautés qui mettent en œuvre les solutions, leurs voix doivent être entendues, leurs savoirs pris en compte. Mais comment relayer cette parole depuis les régions les plus reculées du monde?

Investing in the foundations of Gambian agriculture

Roots are the essence of farming: they erect healthy plants and help grant a predictable and generous harvest. The IFAD-supported ROOTS project seeks to promote exactly that strength in The Gambia.

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