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Nutrition-sensitive agriculture: The cornerstone of a healthier world

It might seem counter-intuitive to suggest that agriculture should become more nutrition-sensitive – but many small-scale producers worldwide are at risk of food and nutrition insecurity. We’re committing to more ambitious goals for integrating nutrition into our investments and project activities.

En Chine, les jeunes à l'avant-garde de la transformation des systèmes alimentaires

Les jeunes sont l'avenir des systèmes alimentaires mondiaux, et ils devraient donc avoir leur mot à dire sur la configuration des systèmes alimentaires de demain. En Chine, les jeunes sont depuis longtemps à la tête des actions de promotion de l'agriculture biologique et de la consommation durable – et à présent, ils commencent à faire bouger les choses.

Les droits des personnes handicapées tiennent à cœur des habitants des zones rurales

Our vision of inclusive, sustainable, green, and resilient rural economies can’t be accomplished without the inclusion of persons with disabilities. We are committed to finding ways for persons with disabilities to participate fully in society and realize their potential as contributors to vibrant rural economies.

Pour remettre en marche nos systèmes alimentaires, il faut repartir des fondamentaux

L’expression "systèmes alimentaires" recouvre une grande variété d'activités et de problématiques. Pour nous assurer de partir du bon pied et de parler de la même chose, revenons aux fondamentaux: la terre et comment la traiter correctement.

Promouvoir des systèmes agroalimentaires durables pour lutter contre les changements climatiques

It’s clear by now that no real progress on climate change mitigation will be achieved without the active participation of today’s top greenhouse gas emitters. In addition to transitioning their energy sectors away from carbon, actions such as making their agrifood systems more sustainable and promoting the use of natural carbon sinks could produce dramatic results in record time.

An IFAD–Indonesia partnership advances the policy agenda on sustainable peatland management

Peatlands store twice as much carbon as all the world’s forests and are home to everything from orchids to orangutans – but today, these lands are in peril. A partnership between IFAD and Indonesia’s Ministry of Environment and Forestry is working to set a national policy agenda that will protect peatland ecosystems.

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